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The Best from India



My journey for the research of healthy lifestyle and alternative medicine started on reading the book «Take your health in hands » ( French Title : Prenez votre santé en main) authored by French cardiologist and nutritionist Frederic Saldmann. The book insists on the fact that “We all have the power to transform stress into energy, negative into positive in order to achieve optimum health”. Similarly, several ancient Indian medicine practices are based on “the body’s innate ability to heal itself”. 

With proper support and nourishment we can build our immune system that gives our organs the capacity to resist and fight against diseases naturally without any medication. The key factors of self-healing include confident positive thoughts and feelings, sufficient sleep at night in complete darkness, whole natural foods, pure water and clean air.

Personally, I’ve been lacking immunity since childhood and looked upon as the weakest member of the family. However, with mere change in lifestyle and self-nurturing practices I was able to totally avoid medicines for the past 4 years and live a very healthy life. As a person of Indian origin, I’ve created MAAYA to share my experience and introduce to you the great Indian super foods that many of you might not be aware of. With the belief of helping you to lead a healthier and happier life, MAAYA will be the stepping stone in bringing to you the best, healthy foods from India.

I promise you.