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The Best from India
Do you know the health benefits of the indian super foods MORINGA, AMLA, ASHWAGANDHA...
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About us
The benefits of  Indian Herbal products are well recognised worldwide.  At MAAYA, we aspire to  bring to you all the wellness products from India at their purest possible form. We travel all over India and select the best products which have  been used by our ancestors thousands of years ago to prevent and cure diseases.
Super food supplements
Our Superfood food dietary supplements from India are a real treasure that has been used in India for over 5000 years in Ayurvedic medicine to heal and protect oneself against diseases. We offer products in the forms of powders and capsules. Do check out our blog to know about the health benefits of our products.
Super food herbal infusions
Our Super infusions are based on Indian superfoods such as AMLA (magic fruit), MORINGA (miracle tree) and TULSI (queen of herbs) mixed subtly with other natural ingredients perfect for consumption at different times of the day. Cheers!!!!
All our typically Indian vegetable oils are 100% pure & natural and organic certified. The benefits and usage of these oils are explained in our BLOG.
Herbal care
Organic Hair Color is a 100% natural method to color your hair. This is a truly herbal organic hair coloring formula made using only organic certified herbs that are safe and healthy for your hair and scalp.
Herbal home care
Our household cleaning products are non-toxic, 100% natural, biodegradable and made from plant extracts, aromatic oils and natural plant-based cleansing agents.